Upg 0.2: some people said they can't see blue player arrow (low gamma system or monitor) so i recolored it into cyan.

Do you remember this screensaver? I hope you do, otherwise you probably standing around, scratching your back, thinking "the hell?"

Well basically in windows 95 and windows 98 they had a screensaver 3d maze.

This is it's proper remake. So, what's new exactly?

  • Maze is now 32x32 instead of 16x16, and it's much more difficult due to improved algorithm. However - player doesn't turn every angle, but instead uses A* pathfinding to find a way.
  • To increase length instead of just searching the exit there are now 2 objectives. First one - find 5 stars, one after another. Second - after that - proceed to the exit.
  • Rat also has an objective now - keep searching for cheese, and it uses A* too.
  • As before you can swap textures ( can't choose new ones tho, and there are no fractals, since i cannot be bothered to search for right exact formulas for those).
  • Walls have thickness.
  • Ability for manual control. WARNING! This will bore you to death!
  • Two secrets. (hint - they both can be found in start menu, so don't get any crazy ideas like trying to intercept rat's cheese over and over, not only that's ridiculous but you also will hit your desk with your face (falling asleep) while trying to do so, besides i am not that cruel))...OR alternatively you can lookup on forum on how to find these secrets...
  • PRESS ESC to go back to start menu again
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