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UPG: V0.2 released Because of awkward refusal of unity3d to properly compile my shaders, i decided to temporary release this game as a downloadable software.

Here's prototype version of Green Growthscape. (no tutorial inside yet)

(caution, it was made in 5 days. I pride myself on having accomplished 2 weeks work in 5 days, although it's still missing a whole lot).

Controls: WASD (or right mouse) to move camera. Hold shift to rotate camera.

Click buy, plop house and a field (when you select field you can choose crop type).

Crop table:

(qpc - quantity per cell, $pkg - dollars per kilogram)

Carrots - harvest every 3 months. Cost 2 $pkg. QPC 6-8 kg. Easiest to grow.
Potatoes - harvest every year. Cost is 7 $pkg. QPC 4-6 kg.
Grain - harvest every year. Cost is 7 $pkg. QPC 4-8 kg. 
Rice - harvest every 3 months. Cost is 2 $pkg. QPC 6-9 kg.

Specific plants require specific amounts of moisture and minimal appropriate level of fertility. (when you plop a field larger than 1 cell you get average moisture and fertility among cells it was plopped on).

Plants auto harvested if you have storage. After harvest, since there is no dynamic market system yet - sell them. If not harvested - crops will start to decay at triple of normal silo decay rate.

Right now a whole lot of features are missing:

-pests extermination per pesticide, weeds removal per herbicide, pH balancing via fertilization

-worker system with A* pathfinding towards field and their animations,

-some sounds,

-better music,

-season cycle+weather system,

-pseudo-dynamic market system,

-vehicular system,

-barns, animal system

-dynamic market with dynamic supply/demand.

StatusIn development
AuthorSmoke Fumus
Made withUnity
Tags1GAM, business, farm, sim
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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